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Sales Performance

Obstacles Stunting your Success. As we approach the beginning of another year, most of us ponder what we can do to improve our performance. Many create a rather daunting list of resolutions and end up accomplishing one or none of them. So, what does it take to really Stop Holding

9 Obstacles That Can Stunt Your Professional Success

Following Up is a key ingredient to cooking up a successful business and mastering leads. Relationships and effective networking are key aspects of achieving success and good relationships take time and care to grow. Meeting people and making connections is just the beginning! Here are some top tips to help

Top 6 Tips for Becoming a Master at Following Up

Time Management short steps to enhance your business and get you moving toward consistent lead generation and income. It all starts with Time Management and doing the things that make you control what you need to do to succeed.Cindy Bishop is a Real Estate Sales Performance and Accountability Coach. You

Time Management for Real Estate Agents


Description Body language communication is an effective tool for real estate agents if they want to be successful with prospects and clients. Psychology Today offers some tips on how to improve your ability to recognize and utilize good body language skills. Effective tools More success Improvement

How to Read the Body Language of you Prospects and Clients

Description Communication is critical to the success of Real Estate Agents: Listening, body language, gestures, speaking, conflict resolution, and more. Effective listening skills Appropriate body language Speaking that counts

14 Effective Communication Strategies

Create a Killer Elevator Pitch with great communication results. You’re in an elevator and you find yourself next to an old school colleague. You know she’s made a name for herself in the business world and you want to make a good impression. After a quick catch up, she asks

Create a Killer Elevator Pitch


Facebook Group Training for Real Estate Agents Facebook Group Training for Real Estate Agents Rocks!  Maybe you know what a Facebook Group is but have no idea why you should use one?Learn about the power of Facebook Groups and where to get started. This is a very dynamic platform for real

Facebook Groups for Real Estate Agents

Knowing your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is the first step in setting up any of your social media profiles. Learn what makes up your UVP statement in this video. This is a sampling of one of our hundreds of training's that is part of our coaching program members only site.

What is your Unique Value Proposition for Real Estate Agents?

Having a well setup Twitter Profile is crucial in social media efficacy. Learn how to best setup your Twitter profile by watching this video. In our Agent Education Center loaded with over a thousand hours of relevant Real Estate Agent business building training, you will find training's for many of

Setting up a Twitter Profile for Real Estate Agents

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