4 Reasons Why You Should Take Action

Taking Action…How to remove barriers and step ahead


What’s stopping you from taking action? Is it fear? Perhaps you’re waiting for the right break instead of making your opportunities in life? Or maybe you believe you’re not smart or talented enough? These negative beliefs are holding you back.


There’s a reason why so many intelligent people fail. They tend to overthink everything and are often afraid to take risks. If that’s your case, here are some powerful reasons to become an action-taker:

Get Rid of Doubts


If you don’t take action, you’ll keep wondering What if? You will struggle with self-doubt and question your decisions. Taking action builds experience and boosts your confidence. It also allows you to discover new resources and information that will contribute to your success.


Your Time Is Limited


Steve Jobs once said that remembering you’re going to die is the best way to stop procrastinating and waiting to take action. Your time on this earth is limited. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, or in 2 years.


You may never get a second chance to worry or work less, spend more time with family or friends, or get your health in order. Take action today! Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve! And believe me, you are only cheating yourself.


One Thing Leads to Another


Getting started is always the hardest step, but once you begin, it leads to accomplishment. One step leads to the next step which leads to the next step. Starting is the only thing that is hard…Take Action and just do it…Begin!


Once you make that first step, everything else will fall into place. It may work out differently than you think, but the forward direction will result with action. Whether it’s exactly how you imagined or unique in its ultimate direction, it will lead to something new and perfect. Think of it as an opportunity to grow and learn. With Action, your steps will result in your own self-discovery.


Let’s say you want to apply for a job that sounds perfect for you, but you know you aren’t quite qualified enough. Yes, it’s scary to apply, but what’s really at stake? Even if you don’t get the job, you’ll get practice interviewing which will help you grow in confidence. You’ll also have feedback from your experience that will structure any future move. When you start taking action, you get results.


Develop Your Skills


Whether your projects succeed or fail, there’s always a chance to learn new things. Taking action will help develop your skills, leading to greater confidence by providing the building steps to enhance your confidence and ability.


The next time you want to take action, you’ll a new confidence. You will also approach things from a new perspective having gained new assurance and capability.
Our complete book and companion workbook on Taking Action…Feel the Fear and do it anyway is a tremendous tool to remove whatever is stopping you from taking Action in your life or business. Get my new book and START moving forward with Action Steps.


About the Author

About the Author

Cindy Bishop is a 30-year veteran Agent and Managing Director for her real estate education company, Cindy Bishop Worldwide. Over the years, she has been a top producing agent, owned her own brokerage, and built a thriving real estate business. Like many of you, she performed real estate sales in the trenches holding open houses, knocking on doors, and marketing to her sphere.
In 2010, Cindy began her journey as a real estate coach and freelance speaker. Recognizing a need for better agent education and business development training, she took her personal motto “Know and Grow” and applied it to a coaching program and for hire training that gives agents the knowledge and tools they need to build a successful business they can be proud of.


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