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"Its not hard to do a good job for people. You just 
have to care about what they need and how to get them there. In establishing what each individual
agent needs to help them succeed is never a small task,
but its a very important one to conquer."
Real Estate Agent training...quality,relevant, and personalized.

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Communication and persuasion are vital skills to a successful real estate business. Focusing on skills that enhance success is what we do best.
Providing training that works for real estate agents is our top priority.

Why we help You Know & Grow with Quality Training

Sales Performance quality training and skill development improve the control you have over your success. 

Biography of Our Real Estate Agent Coaching Quality Training and Development Program

Cindy Bishop is a 28 year real estate veteran, who’s personable attitude, strategy skills, and unique approach make her the perfect person to help agents “know and grow”, a motto she’s always lived by. She chooses to focus on coaching as well as agent training and development, rather than her own successful real estate sales career, because she knows agents need help building a business they can be proud of. Helping eliminate frustration and enhancing skills to grow agent’s confidence leading to a successful business is the greatest reward
anyone can have.

Real Estate Agent Coaching By The Numbers

By numbers alone, Cindy’s success as a trainer is obviously evident. Throughout the years, she’s put on 18 monthly events, 1680 seminars, 960 workshops, and received over 1569 positive recommendations. Her real success; however, is measured in what her trainees and students have to say about her. Here are some quotes from coaching participants:

Testimonials of Private Real Estate Agent Members

Mark H. says, “I was all over the map in terms of focus. Cindy’s coaching adds more focus. She’s a ball of fire. I wasn’t happy with some of the training programs that were provided to me, because they all seemed like they were for more experienced realtors. I wasn’t there yet, and Cindy has tailored the program specifically for me, it’s doing what I wanted it to do.”

Anastasia R. says, “It’s a very individualized approach, and a very personalized program. It’s exactly what I needed. Cindy makes herself available whenever you need her.”

Joseph K., says: “Other coaching programs are not necessarily so tailored and may not be looking out for the best interest of their clients. Cindy is very ethical and wants to make sure that I succeed. She is helping me hone down my sales skills and find out who I am so that I can find people who are like me and connect with them. That makes the business more meaningful and fun. I really love her, she’s very special to me.”

Program for Real Estate Agents

Our 6 month foundation program consists of some of the following:

  • Private sessions to set goals, establish strategies for those goals, follow up, achievement, and accountability
  • Private sessions in needed specialized areas; such as, social media, video development, keen writing, technology, etc
  • Group Coaching with peers for problem solving and relevant topic training 
  • Out of the box business design for each participant; such as, branding, tag lines, item of value, follow up strategies
  • Accountability, which is a key ingredient to the success of any sales agent
  • The development of a road map so you know what to do and when to do it.

                                                    This is unique customized coaching for motivated real estate agents.

A Unique Approach

This program is special because each program is tailored to the individual and their abilities.
Results through skill building is the goal and impressive results are often the outcome.
Each real estate agent builds a “fan club” —
Cindy often says..."Know everyone in your database like their your favorite neighbor."
Accountability is a primary focus of our program.
Even smart well meaning agents fail because they lack accountability and time management skills.
Our agents succeed because they do the right things
 and build the skills they need to carry out the success they are looking for.

Is your business where you want it to be today?
Are you missing the skills and strategies that will make you succeed?

Sometimes, just having someone look in from the outside, just tweaking your approach, is all you need.
Imagine what would happen if someone could help you design a Blueprint for your success?

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Sheli S. says: “I love the way she teaches.  In order to get to the next level, you need a mentor, someone that’s where you want to be.  For me that’s Cindy.  She thinks outside-of-the-box and has so much knowledge.   In 2 1/2 months she’s helped me grow my contact list from a handful of investors to over 80 active contacts.   She has really helped me brand myself to create a niche so that I can focus on what I’m good at.”


Sheli Schneider

Sheli Schneider

Real Estate Agent

Joseph K. says:  “Other coaching programs are not necessarily so tailored and may not be looking out for the best interest of their clients.  Cindy is very ethical and wants to make sure that I succeed.  She is helping me hone down my sales skills and find out who I am so that I can find people who are like me and connect with them.  That makes the business more meaningful and fun.  I really love her, she’s very special to me.” 


Joseph Kraft

Real Estate Broker

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