Guidebooks-Breaking Free…Bad Habits to Good Habits One at a Time

Breaking Free...Bad Habits to Good Habits One at a Time

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There’s Always a Reason for Habits

Why do we do the things we do?

Every bad habit is rooted in a reason. Sometimes the best way to defeat the habit is to figure out what triggers it in the first place. It turns out there are several reasons why we do what we do.

1. What time is it? Do you always grab for sweets mid-afternoon when energy is down?

2. Where are you? Your location may well influence what you do.

3. Who is with you? Do you always drink too much when out with a certain friend?

4. How are you feeling? Do you spend too much when you’re sad?

5. What just happened? That cigarette after an argument isn’t just a cliché.

In this Guide you will learn:

  • Easy Read Mini E-Book
  • Tips to determine the why 
  • What triggers your habits
  • Ways to get rid of habits
  • How to stay on track

Learn about the following:

How one trick in using money as either a punishment or a reward can create fast and easy solutions to stopping bad habits.

Book and Companion Workbook included.