Performance and Accountability Coach Cindy Bishop

Coach Bio
Cindy Bishop is a real estate veteran licensed since 1987, who’s personable attitude, strategy skills, and unique approach to business development makes her the perfect solution to help agents “know and glow”, which is a motto she lives by.  She chooses to focus on agent training and development, rather than her own real estate sales, because of her unrelenting passion to help agents build a high integrity powerful real estate business.
​Anyone that has been to training's in business building or continuing education with Cindy Bishop Worldwide know exactly what this trainer and school is all about.

By the Numbers
By numbers alone, Cindy’s success as a trainer is obviously evident. Throughout the years, she’s put on average 20 monthly events, 1680 seminars, 960 workshops, and received over 1569 positive recommendations.    Her real success; however, is measured in what her coaching students have to say about her. 

Here are some quotes from some of her current coaching program participants:
Mark H. says, “I was all over the map in terms of focus.  Cindy’s coaching adds more focus.   She’s a ball of fire.   I wasn’t happy with some of the training programs that were provided to me, because they all seemed like they were for more experienced realtors.  I wasn’t there yet, and Cindy has tailored the program specifically for me, it’s doing what I wanted it to do.”
Anastasia R. says, “It’s a very individualized approach, and a very personalized program.  It’s exactly what I needed.    Cindy makes herself available whenever you need her.”
Joseph K., says:  “Other coaching programs are not necessarily so tailored and may not be looking out for the best interest of their clients.  Cindy is very ethical and wants to make sure that I succeed.  She is helping me hone down my sales skills and find out who I am so that I can find people who are like me and connect with them.  That makes the business more meaningful and fun.  I really love her, she’s very special to me.” 

Cindy’s program consists of some of the following:
-Weekly calls for accountability, strategy, and  follow-up.
-Three coaches covering all skills and topics agents need.
-Problem solving, skill development, branding.
-Planning, goal setting, unique marketing.

A well-tailored program specifically customized
 for each participant!

A Unique Approach
What makes Cindy’s program so special?
Each program is tailored to the individual
Individuals are taught how to appropriately reach out to clients and prospects yielding impressive results.
Each real estate agent builds their business like a “community” — this is much more personal than a network.  
Each participant works individually and in our “Outer Circle” Group for maximum development and exposure to various strengths, training, skills, and input.

Are your business results where you expected
them to be today? 

To get started, email to set up a FREE 30 minute consultation to see if this program is right for you.