Content Marketing…A solid blog can be crucial

Author: Real Estate Speciality Sales Performance Trainer Cindy Bishop

A solid Content Marketing Blog is crucial.


People are using the internet to guide them in the real estate process. A blog can seriously increase your chances of being helpful to potential buyers and sellers, with 77% of Internet users reading blogs (The West Program). Content marketing blog is key.

But, before you put fingers to keyboard, consider these useful tips for airing your views:

Use Your Own ‘Voice’

Your writing has a voice just as your speech does and, for consistency of image, it’s best to keep the two in harmony. Try to write as you speak, but with cleaner grammar and no verbal ticks such as repetitive endings to sentences or filler expressions you may use to give yourself time to think.

Also, consider using a thesaurus (as well as the mandatory spellchecker) to vary your adjectives. Beware, however, of going overboard and becoming too grandiose and hyperbolic (see what I mean?). Remember, your prospects have a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds, and you don’t want to alienate them by talking over their heads. Understandable Content marketing for your blog is imperative.

Keep It Simply Humble (KISH)

Of course, you want to trumpet your victories, but be subtle about it. Nothing turns a reader off like bragging. Instead, tell stories of your successes in solving problems and satisfying clients. Even better is to interweave direct quotes from happy customers when you can. This makes it more interesting, too. A handy fact to keep in mind is that U.S. Internet readers will spend three times longer reading blogs than email (HubSpot) IF you capture and hold their attention.

Drive Traffic To Other Sections Of Your Website

Incorporate external links when quoting sources, otherwise, redirect the reader to appropriate and useful resources on your own site. This all aids in building credibility and making your online presence one of authority, rather than gossipy chat. Useful Content marketing for real estate agents to fill their educational and interesting blog will help readers follow you.

Spend Time Getting It Right

It just makes financial sense. Impact Branding and Design discovered that blog-driven, inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing does. So, invite a few trusted friends or colleagues to read over your draft before you publish and accept their feedback with good grace and courtesy. After all, when you do get it right, a blog can generate up to 88% more leads per month from your site.

Blog Early And Often

Again, according to Impact Branding and Design, blog readers are typically active between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., reading and sharing links with their contacts. Therefore, try to post your blog before this time and be available to respond immediately to any responses or questions at breakfast. Additionally, vary your topics and formats – lists, tips, case studies, etc. – to maintain interest. Bear in mind what keeps you reading and use that to guide you in how your write.

Over time, a site with a blog can generate up to 55% more visitors, around 97% additional inbound links and a whopping 434% more indexed pages than the static sites that change little. Just remember, Content marketing that is enriching to your audience in your blog will help you build a tribe.




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