Dave Redabaugh-Specialty Coach

Dave Redabaugh-Social Media, Video, Internet Marketing, & Google

David Redabaugh is the founder of a digital marketing company, Your Biz Social, where businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs are able to have solutions custom created for impact and authenticity with their brand online. His job is showing, helping, and training his clients to market effectively on-line. 

As a trainer for Cindy Bishop Worldwide, LLC, he has been able to form a niche working with real estate professionals to create the strategies for their internet marketing that deliver results and create meaningful client and referral relationships. Dave brings extensive training experience from his corporate marketing and advertising experiences to guide his clients through the processes that help them create and maintain impactful social media and website strategies.

One on One Topic Training Sessions designed for Real Estate Agents

Training Video Sampling

This is the 1st video of a  5 part series in our membership site

Building a Facebook Group takes a bit of know how

SEO is vital to the success of any real estate business


Zoom Virtual Set up

This is a paid consultation to help you with launch a Zoom platform with appropriate set up and operation, evaluate your use, and practice if needed.

Development Session 1 hr

One Time Investment $175

  • A set up of your Free or Paid Zoom account
  • Establish the settings, tools, and operation and use of your Zoom account
  • Practice using Zoom so you are ready to use it on your own

Internet Marketing Strategy

This is a paid consultation to investigate the depth of the client’s internet marketing reach and visibility, then to develop a strategy for broadening it with the client.

Session includes:

Development Session 1 hr
Strategy checklist

One Time Investment $225

  • A thorough examination to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your internet marketing.This will include searches on Google for client’s personal/business.
  • Establish the key components for building trust within search results, Google My Business (Google maps), Website, Social Media profiles, Review sites, Real Estate aggregator sites (Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.)
  • An improvement strategy checklist will be developed and implemented by the client. 

Google My Business (GMB)

This is for agents that haven't either claimed their GMB business profile or aren't certain how to use or maximize the one they have.

Session includes:

Development Session 1 hr
Follow up call 15 min

One Time Investment $245

  • Building strong reviews
  •  Utilizing question/answer
  • Creating requests
  • GMB setup
  • SEO-Getting found strategies

HOW TO SET UP A FACEBOOK GROUP (for Real Estate Agents)

Become the Digital Mayor of Your Neighborhood Farm

It’s well known that Facebook Groups are a great place to “meet people” with a common interest (there are 1.4 Billion of Facebook’s 2.45 Billion users in Facebook groups now). But it is a little known how powerful a tool these groups can be for real estate agents.

This session will jump into how to take advantage of this opportunity for real estate agents.

Session includes:

Development Session 2 hr
Follow up call 15 min

One Time Investment $345

  •  Why create a Facebook Group?
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with like-minded
  • Add those people to your business database of potential clients and referral partners
  • Generate leads without spending ad money nor coming across as “salesy” Gaining and giving access to other contributors to the groups content to make sure what is being posted is valuable and consistent.
  • Claiming a niche within the community (other than real estate) - i.e. - gardening, pets, running, garage sales, or other common interests of others in that community

Internet Business Profile

The creation or improvement of an agents Internet Business Profile. This training will develop an internet business profile and keep it updated and relevant for internet presence. Session includes posting on the internet in all areas used by consumers attracted to you and your business.

Session includes:

Development Session 1 hr
Follow up call 15 min

One Time Investment $245

  • Create an effective internet business profile and post on relevant locations.
  • A minimum of 3 different sized profiles created to accommodate the places your profile will appear.
  • A list will be provided of the places you will publish your internet profile to
  • Extensive research by Trainer, ahead of call, researching agent presence on the internet for maximum call benefit.

Facebook Marketing Strategy Session

Structure & maximize your Facebook business page for real estate marketing.

Session includes:

Strategy & Development Session 1 hr
Follow up call 15 min

One Time Investment: $245

  • Attention on how (and where) to create the images that give your audience their first impression of your business on FB. 
  • Address the ABOUT section that optimizes your page for SEO.
  • Build out the services page to attract more SEO traffic.
  • FB ad account setup
  • Installation of FB pixel on your website
  • Detailed description of how you do business.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Making LinkedIn a great real estate lead generation tool.

Session includes:

Strategy & Development Session 30 min.
Follow up call 15 min

One Time Investment: $125

  • Create a LinkedIn profile that markets your business
  • Build your LinkedIn company page
  • Maximizing the tools available on LinkedIn for your business
  • Blogging on LinkedIn

Social Media Posting Strategy

You will set up a workable posting strategy schedule that gives you the structure to be consistent, yet enough flexibility to be creative.

Session includes:

Development Session 1 hr
Follow up call 15 min

One Time Investment $225

  • Applying the 80/20 rule to your content sharing
  •  Where to get ideas for your content
  • A schedule for managing your social sharing