Eating to Win for Real Estate Agents

Eating to Win is not a regular occurrence for real estate agents today. Unfortunately, it’s almost always eating on the run with unhealthy choices. This is tragic because the proof is in the toll it plays on your health, your relationships, and ultimately your business success.

Let’s face it, real estate agents live in a fast-paced business and  a excruciatingly stress-filled society. Being in the real estate business just adds to the daily stress of trying to keep up since we are pulled in a million directions. Between the pressing demands of our professional real estate careers to the busy family lives that so many of us are trying to balance; all too often we find ourselves at a means to an end when it comes to ensuring that we are reaching our daily health goals. If you have found that yourself rushing through meals, hitting your local fast food joints way more often than you would like, and even snacking in place of meals, you are most certainly not alone! Many of us long to find ways to live healthier lives.

Unfortunately, you are more than likely all too aware of the fact that unhealthy diets can have some pretty serious repercussions, of which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, overweight and also result in feeling tired, lethargic, stress-filled and taking more sick days. The good news is, that there is most certainly a light at the end of the tunnel. Just because you are constantly on the go with your family and real estate business, does not mean that you need to simply overlook making wiser eating habits. It simply means that you need to get yourself organized and be informed as to what your options are!

As a real estate veteran of 28 years, I know all too well of the day to day lives of agents. It’s hard to adopt improved health practices, but I promise it pays off in your family relationships and business results. Feeling and looking better is a jump start for many of the agents I coach helping them improve their real estate results. After diving into a more holistic approach for myself, I know it sometimes starts with a whole person plan and not just strictly working on the business.

Here, we have put together a list of the top ways that you can always eat healthy, even on the go!

1. Opt for Whole Foods: When at all possible, be sure to fill your body with nutrient dense whole foods, as processed foods are incredibly low in their
nutritional value and are also loaded with chemicals and other harmful additives.

  1. Pre-Pack: One of the most detrimental mistakes that so many people make is opting for convenience over a healthier option. Avoid this mistake is easy to counter by simply taking the time to make your own pre-packaged snacks and lunches. Make sure that you make a smart investment in some reusable glass or stainless steel lunch containers (as saran wrap and Ziploc bags can add up in price over time) and prep your meals and snacks. Best of all, these are easy to stack in your refrigerator for a quick and healthy go-to treat!
  2. Plan Your Meals: This tip is a huge one due to the fact that not only will it ensure that you are filling your body with significantly better foods, but you will also find yourself saving both money and waste in the long run! Take an hour or so to look up some great recipes and plan out your meals and snacks in advance so that you can ensure that each and every ingredient is utilized. Search out seasonal foods and you will find that you are saving even more money! Meal planning isn’t just smart, it’s fun too!
  3. Eat Your Leftovers: One of the easiest tips you can do is to simply store your leftovers! That way you can always be sure that you can transform last night’s uneaten casserole into a delicious and healthy next day lunch. This saves you the hassle of having to stop off somewhere to grab and unhealthy bite elsewhere.
  1. Eat on Schedule: As a real estate person on the go, this can be more easily said than done. However, that is precisely where meal prep and planning comes into play. It isn’t hard to keep a couple of apples in the top drawer of your desk or even a trail mix or almonds in your car. When you skip meals or deprive yourself of food you will find that it only results in your body and mind shutting down due to lack of food energy that is so significantly needed. Not to mention the fact that it can lead to overeating or late night binge sessions.
  2. Eat Breakfast: It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason! Just be sure to make it count! Filling your body with a hearty breakfast will fuel your body for the upcoming day and will leave you feeling fuller and more satiated for longer. Mix up a plant-based smoothie or protein shake or opt for a slice of toast with peanut (or another nut) butter and some fruit.

The time is now to stop making excuses for the bad eating habits that you may have potentially developed by living a life on-the-go. But, making the change for the better is something that you can easily take advantage of, starting today! Take the time to care about what you are putting into your body, and it will certainly thank you for it in the long run!

Cindy Bishop is the Managing Director for Cindy Bishop Worldwide which specializes in Real Estate Training and Coaching.

Cindy Bishop Business Development Coach

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