Gary Garrison-IT Specialist

Gary Garrison-IT. System Optimization, Realty Juggler, Integration

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Gary Garrison is a career consultant and entrepreneur with many talents. In addition to being a full-time Real Estate Broker with experience managing 3 brokerages and hundreds of agents throughout the DC Metro area, he has over 30 years IT systems, network, and development consulting experience.

For Cindy Bishop Worldwide, Gary teaches agents how to build their businesses on a strong technology foundation, and helps them develop the technological skills needed to increase efficiency and grow their business. He understands the challenges real estate agents have in this very competitive market, and what a business needs to succeed in the long run.

Sessions available


Technology Assessment

Perfect for the evaluation of slow computers, inefficient processes, and unsecured systems. Existing systems and processes evaluated for cost-effective improvements.

     - Software recommendations

    - Hardware recommendations

     - Recommended next steps

Session includes:

Assessment Session up to 1 hr
$XX for remote evaluation,
$XX for in-home/in-office evaluation

  • A thorough examination to determine the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of your system. 
  • Establish recommendations to improve your system for maximum efficiency and ease of use.
  • An improvement checklist will be provided with recommendations so you can implement them. 

System Optimization (Windows desktop and laptop computers)

This service will perform optimizations and check security settings to ensure the computer/laptop is running as efficient as possible and is being protected from malware, adware, and unauthorized intrusions.

    - Faster boot time

    - More disk space

    - Quicker application response time

    - Convenient access to common apps

    - virus/malware free

    - secure

Session includes:

  - $225 per computer/laptop for up to 3 hrs remote optimization

  - $275 per computer/laptop for up to 3 hrs optimization in-home/in-office

  - $100 per hour for additional contracted work

  • A thorough examination to determine the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of your system. 
  • Maintenance and software recommendations for additional protections and assist with self-maintenance
  • Work will be performed.......