Guidebooks-Take Action Feel the Fear and do it anyway

Take Action...Feel the Fear and do it anyway

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take action

Power is taking action. Taking action will begin the process of change. 

We have all been to the seminars, seen the videos and read the books, but nothing changes, or at least not permanently.

This  book will talk about taking action and about being a positive force for change in your life...permanently!

The power of action includes many things; such as, eliminating fear, seeing how action changes you, and so much more  that we will cover in this very interesting fast paced book.

In this Guide you will learn:

  • Fast action guide Acquire the power for change 
  • Change comes from effort 
  • Power in taking action
  • Companion Action workbook included
  • Tips on eliminating fear

Learn about the following:

The Importance of communication

How to embrace the benefit of speaking

Finding the right words to say

Learning proper etiquette face to face

...and so much more