Internet Marketing Coach Dave Redabaugh

      The intimacies of each person’s story about becoming a real estate professional and how it makes them                  uniquely qualified for the demands of this industry is what separates them from the multitude. It is the                    uncovering, development, design, and articulation of that unique story that excites me about
        using my talents and experiences for promotion, to help agents formulate their own marketing 
        - Dave Redabaugh 

Internet marketing and social media guru, David Redabaugh, is a trainer and coach with Cindy Bishop Worldwide.  Dave has been able to form a niche working with real estate professionals to create the strategies for their internet marketing that deliver results and create meaningful client and referral relationships. Dave brings extensive training experience from his corporate marketing and advertising experiences to guide his clients through the processes that help them create and maintain an effective social media presence and successful website strategies.

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