They Laughed When I Said I'd sell more houses and make more money-- But when I made more income, they Begged Me For My Secret!

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Cindy Bishop

Managing Director
Business Building Coach

There really isn't any magic to being able to succeed in real estate sales. When I started, there wasn't any relevant business success training to help me. Fortunately, you don't have to scratch your way to the top. There are principles that can bring your success. If you are motivated and ready to work smart, you can enroll in our group or private coaching program and begin using the real estate success principles we teach. It is that easy!

What would you do to get more leads and sell more houses?

Don't you want to have a business where you can control the income you choose to make so you can have the life you want?

If You Can Follow Simple Directions and put your best effort in, then our proven system will work for you!

Selling more houses to make more money just became easier with our state of the art program!

Our coaching system is designed to help any motivated agent succeed by using our Proven System. All you need to start is motivation and a good work ethic.


Thanks so much for all the valuable tools I can implement in my business. The strategies will help me move toward my goals. The time management and procrastination skill building is some of the best provided, but I love all of your training.
Coaching really has launched my business and I am so glad I took the leap.

Sheli Schneider

Real Estate Agent
Professional Stager
Book Contributor:
Tips & Tricks to Staging

Where was Cindy Bishop when I started in real estate??? Her training is packed with great information and specialized to deal with real estate issues of the times. Real estate has become more and more complex and Cindy Bishop Worldwide has some of the best trainers and coaches I have been exposed to in all my 40+ years in the business. Many thanks to Cindy for spending time, energies, money and formulating programs relevant to the real estate profession!!!

Pat Wirth

Patricia Wirth
NVAR Lifetime Top Producer

"I Never Thought I could sell more houses or make more money - But I Finally Discovered The Secret! Here's How...

One of the first techniques in earning consistent income in real estate is to have a plan and being accountable to that plan. Sounds simple right? Well, if it was everyone would do it. That is where coaching comes in...helping you achieve that strategy with accountability. Is it simple...YES!! Is it easy...It can be if you are willing to apply the business success principles we teach in our Coaching Programs. 

Earning your way to the top is easier now than you think with the right program. If you use the wrong directions to get to where you want to go instead of a highly rated GPS system, you could end up thousands of miles from your desired destination. Transform your major strengths into benefits by utilizing our proven program. It has already worked to achieve success for so many agent, and it can for you too. 

  • Isn't it your time to get prospects and clients to be loyal followers?
  • Don't you want to control your success by utilizing tools to keep business flowing?
  • How about balancing schedules, setting relevant goals, and establish marketing to generate unlimited leads?

Control your sales by utilizing new skills to build long term lead generating relationships.

Our Group Coaching program takes sales skills to a new level by  teaching you how to master your strengths to propel your business to a level you didn't think was possible! How about problem solving and strategic thinking techniques, cultivating fresh new ideas, exploring relevant avenues to new business growth, and building  confidence to control your success? 

The plan we help craft for our agents assists in the development of an accountable, self directed professional who knows what to do everyday to succeed. Our focus is to help each agent cultivate unlimited leads that convert into real estate transactions.

This affordable program is built to work with an online "Agent Education Center" resource site loaded with relevant training tools that agents need to be recognized in the marketplace today. Our top quality topics cover everything an agents needs in sales, negotiation, time management, internet marketing principles, technology applications, and database management.

So, if you are tired of spinning your wheels and spending money on training that doesn’t yield results, ​utilize the links below to get started in Group Coaching.

Check out the Group Coaching "Agent Education Center" to see the most comprehensive Agent Toolkit ever developed for motivated agents from a 5-Star rated company.

Having a Hard Time Deciding if Group Coaching is right for you?
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What will this Coaching Program do for you?

Imagine what would happen if you had a team of coaches
with a proven system who helped you design a 
Blueprint for your Real Estate Success. 

  • Taking Control of your business results
  • Sales and  Income Generating Performance
  • Learn Accountability Skills to eliminate 80% waste
  •  Marketing Strategies that bring you consistent leads
  • Social Media methods that get others talking about you
  • Become a household name with your Online Presence
  • Goal tactics that outshine your competition
  • Know what to do everyday in your business



Our Coaching program will provide the ​structure
you need to succeed. 

Meet the Coaches

Cindy Bishop


Sales Performance and Accountability Coach

Cindy Bishop is a 30-year veteran Agent and Broker. Over the years, she has been a top producing agent, owned her own brokerage, survived all of the industry ups and downs, and built a thriving real estate business. Like many of you, she performed real estate sales in the trenches holding open houses, knocking on doors, and marketing to her sphere.

In 2010, Cindy began her journey as a real estate instructor and freelance speaker. Recognizing a need for better agent education and business development training, she took her personal motto “Know and Grow” and applied it to a coaching program that gives agents the knowledge and tools they need to build a successful business they can be proud of.

Since then she has hosted more than 1600 seminars, more than 950 workshops, numerous monthly training events, and received over 1500 positive recommendations. Her real success, however, is measured in the success of the agents she coaches. 

internet marketing real estate coach

David Redabaugh
Internet, Social Media, Website Design and Video Development Coach

Dave draws on an extensive background in corporate marketing and advertising to help agents develop successful strategies for internet marketing. His focus is on coaching agents on how to create and maintain an impactful social media presence, and how to develop successful website strategies. His goal for agents is a brand presence with impact and authenticity, creating meaningful client relationships.

real estate coach technology

Gary Garrison
Technology and Systems Coach, Mentor

Gary’s vast experience in residential and commercial real estate services include sale, lease, and property management, making him an invaluable resource to the real estate agents as a coach and mentor.

In addition to real estate knowledge and experience, his technology and consulting background enables him to help his clients filter out irrelevant information and better focus their time and energy to ensure an efficient and rewarding experience.

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