The Real Estate Guidebook to Open Houses

“Learn The Secrets To Creating Lucrative results
when you hold Open Houses the right way!”


Let me show you how I personally created a profitable Open House experience
that resulted in a consistent 6 figure real estate business.

There is NO LIMIT to the money you can make in Real Estate Sales if you just get the right formula for success…
but you need to have the proper training!

Hi! I’m Cindy Bishop.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you the insider secrets of my Open House success. But first, let me tell you a little bit of who I am.

I am a 28 year real estate veteran, who’s personable attitude, strategy skills, and unique approach make me the perfect person to help agents “know and grow”, a motto I’ve lived by for many years. I choose to focus on helping agents with their business development because I know agents need help building a business they can be proud of. Helping eliminate frustration and enhancing skills to grow agent’s confidence leading to a successful business is a great reward for me.

By numbers alone, the success my company has is obviously evident. Throughout the years, we have put on 18 monthly events, 1680 seminars, 960 workshops, and received over 1569 positive recommendations. Our real success; however, is measured in what the agents continually say about the remarkable assistance we provide. Here are some quotes from some of our private coaching participants:

Testimonials of Private Real Estate Agent Members

Mark H. says, “I was all over the map in terms of focus. Cindy’s coaching adds more focus. She’s a ball of fire. I wasn’t happy with some of the training programs that were provided to me, because they all seemed like they were for more experienced realtors. I wasn’t there yet, and Cindy has tailored the program specifically for me, it’s doing what I wanted it to do.”

Anastasia R. says, “It’s a very individualized approach, and a very personalized program. It’s exactly what I needed. Cindy makes herself available whenever you need her.”

Joseph K., says: “Other coaching programs are not necessarily so tailored and may not be looking out for the best interest of their clients. Cindy is very ethical and wants to make sure that I succeed. She is helping me hone down my sales skills and find out who I am so that I can find people who are like me and connect with them. That makes the business more meaningful and fun. I really love her, she’s very special to me.”

So, how do you get to where you can master the real estate buisness you are trying to build? It’s like this, training and experience one step at a time. This is how you create wealth…through skill building. Just working and putting in time  is not enough.

In this E-Book Guidebook, I’ll show you the little known secrets that will make your Open House a huge success… painlessly and easily. I have learned from my mistakes so you don’t have to!

This Open House Book leaves nothing out for your to implement it and use the information right now. You will learn every detail of creating your own unique Open House from start to finish. And you’ll never really be done because you will continue to perfect your skill one Open House at a time.

Here are just some of the category Secrets you will find in this Open House book:

  • Holding an Open House Event like a Pro
  • Making Sure Everything is On the Right Timeline
  • Working with an Open House team
  • How to Get People to Come to Your Open House
  • Managing the Logistics
  • The Big Event
  • The Broker’s Open
  • The Fortune is in the Following Up

    Just having an Open House is not enough for your business, but rather conducting the event RIGHT!
    Connecting with consumers, making yourself someone they can trust,
    and creating value are just some of he results from a well done Open House event.

This is valuable training that you can use to create wealth for yourself in the real estate business.

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