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Sheli Schneider

 Sheli Schneider
Real Estate Consultant
Investor Specialist

Certified Expert Stager

Licensed Real Estate Agent

"The Private Coaching Program with Cindy Bishop is invaluable, highly personal and focus driven!!! Cindy provides accountability which is the main ingredient in achieving success. She helped me with Time Management and Business Planning by teaching me not only how to set goals but provided the accountability to achieve these goals. I learned how to focus on the high payoff activities for my business and delegate the smaller tasks in order to be most effective with my time. She helped me develop a long term Business Plan, break it down into small steps and execute specific actions in order to achieve my goals.

But by far the best part of coaching with Cindy, was that she helped me find my Niche. She encouraged me to get my “Staging Certification” in order to be more competitive in the market. This has been my greatest marketing tool so far and has helped me not only sell properties much quicker but acquire more listings. Cindy has helped me put all of these aspects into one Brand so that I can market myself and continue to grow my business. I highly recommend the Private Coaching Program from Cindy Bishop!"

Our Private Coaching is a customized program to strengthen sales skills, learn problem solving, improve communication strategies, develop better lead generation methods and strategic thinking techniques, cultivate new ideas,  and build confidence in a private and individualized format.

Private Coaching is tailored to take a motivated real estate agent develop a foundation that will build a business that will consistently grow each year.

So, if you are tired of spinning your wheels and spending money on training that doesn’t yield results, contact us to join our Private Coaching today. 

Program requirements:
Minimum term: 6 months|Program Investment: $995 monthly
Full time agents. $50,000 income last 12 months. Motivated to succeed.
Phone interview. Use contact form below.

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. Dwayne Johnson

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Susan Mekenney

"What I like most about Cindy's programs are their relevance. Cindy has walked the walk and knows what it takes to become a successful real estate agent because she was one. Her programs teach tried and true methods that really work."

Associate Broker, Top Producer
2018 RPAC Hall of Fame
RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award

Susan Mekenney

  • Take Control of your business and the results you want
  • Sales Performance Development to create the Ultimate Agent
  • Proficiency in Skills; such as,  Accountability and Communication
  • Implement Video for a State of the Art Enhancement
  • Utilize Social Media to Rock your Online Presence
  • Establish Goal Performance to eliminate 80% of your waste
  • Know what to do everyday for your business

What could Our Coaching Program do for you?

A Clear Path. Designed For You.


No one size fits all approaches here. Our Private Coaching is a customized individualized program designed with a personalized one on one approach providing structure and guidance so you can get up to speed and see results in your business.

The focus of the Private Coaching Program is the development of your road map so you know what to do and when to do it. It works if you are motivated to succeed. Our Online support site is a companion to your Private Coaching Program supporting your efforts to become the Ultimate Real Estate Agent.

Is your business where you want it to be today? Are you missing the skills and strategies that will make you succeed? Sometimes, just having someone look in from the outside - just tweaking your approach - is all you need. Imagine what would happen if someone could help you design a Blueprint for your success to double or triple your income.

Our Coaches

Cindy Bishop


Sales Performance and Accountability Coach

Cindy Bishop is a 30-year veteran Agent and Broker. Over the years, she has been a top producing agent, owned her own brokerage, survived all of the industry ups and downs, and built a thriving real estate business. Like many of you, she performed real estate sales in the trenches holding open houses, knocking on doors, and marketing to her sphere.

In 2010, Cindy began her journey as a real estate instructor and freelance speaker. Recognizing a need for better agent education and business development training, she took her personal motto “Know and Grow” and applied it to a coaching program that gives agents the knowledge and tools they need to build a successful business they can be proud of.

Since then she has hosted more than 1600 seminars, more than 950 workshops, numerous monthly training events, and received over 1500 positive recommendations. Her real success, however, is measured in the success of the agents she coaches. 

internet marketing real estate coach

David Redabaugh
Internet, Social Media, Website Design and Video Development Coach

Dave draws on an extensive background in corporate marketing and advertising to help agents develop successful strategies for internet marketing. His focus is on coaching agents on how to create and maintain an impactful social media presence, and how to develop successful website strategies. His goal for agents is a brand presence with impact and authenticity, creating meaningful client relationships.

real estate coach technology

Gary Garrison
Technology and Systems Coach, Mentor

Gary’s vast experience in residential and commercial real estate services include sale, lease, and property management, making him an invaluable resource to the real estate agents as a coach and mentor.

In addition to real estate knowledge and experience, his technology and consulting background enables him to help his clients filter out irrelevant information and better focus their time and energy to ensure an efficient and rewarding experience.

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