Five Skill Strategies in Achieving a 6-Figure Real Estate Income

Real Estate Skills are your ticket to achieving a successful 6-figure income with strategies that work.

Enjoying the fruits of your labor by having a successful real estate business is what all professionals really want. Real Estate Sales can be tough unless you think Out-Of-The-Box and set yourself apart from typical run of the mill thinking.

If you want to enjoy a lucrative business in real estate that attracts consistent business, you have to be skilled in effective strategies. Everyone has the potential to make it, but if you want to make it bigger than most with consistent growth, then learn to think and behave like a CEO.

After years of firsthand experience in coaching agents and my own real estate business experience, I came up with 5 skills that were common with each of the agents that had mastered success.

“Cindy’s secret sauce formula’s using her trademarked Master Plan, customized goal platform,
and her productive methods to drive your business deep is simply
amazing. No one does what she does and I have coached with many of the
lead real estate coaches over the years.
The light came on and led me to a
consistent 6 figure income.” S. MeKenney

The first real estate skill is to have a written plan with well managed goals. This plan doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simple is best. A one page plan with financial goals broken down into bite sized chunks motivated these agents to follow their goals and associated activities. Every agent found that income grew and they had more control over their business. Each agent credited the weekly contact number formula as being one of the most beneficial and unique in the master plan which are calculated by using a system tool we developed.

The second real estate skill is to be an improved communicator and active listener. Too many of us are on “send”. What that means is we are so focused on what we are going to say, we fail to hear with the other person is saying. Our inability to allow a moment of silence while we think about what someone is saying so we can adequately process what they need, is epic. Active listening is being engaged in listening causing you to absorb what the other person is relaying and what they mean. In fact, when they have finished, it would be acceptable to reply back to them with a summary highlighting your understanding of their communication. There are five other skills that fall under this category so this is just one within this second skill.

The third real estate skill is establishing an excellent follow up plan. Some wise person said that the “Fortune is in the Follow-up”. With today’s technology, finding email marketing isn’t hard, but you want it to be systematic and consistent. We recommend the utilization of an easy to use system that allows for autoresponders that you have loaded with resources and a newsletter as some of the best ways to provide value with a reliable and dependable follow up system.

The fourth real estate skill is providing activities for lead generation that are valuable to those receiving them. We recommend a monthly newsletter with fun resourceful custom content for the maximum follow up connection to your growing list of followers. Remember, this is where the fan club is built. Just about 90% of your past clients use someone else when they don’t hear from you monthly.  They need to know you care and hear that in the content you send. They need to feel engaged in the resources you provide as well as being part of your community. You are building a fan club, and done right, they will want to be a part of it.

The fifth real estate skill is driving your business deep. Many of the relationships built in a sales business boast surface noise. Driving your business deep can be illustrated in helping other businesses grow by showcasing them in your newsletter or blog postings. Zig Ziglar once said…”If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” This is an excellent principle to follow. Building other businesses, organizations, and civic clubs is extraordinarily helpful to your own business. This type of marketing brings positive focus on you. By providing educational information from other organizations, you become a resource of value to the community. In turn, these organizations trust you because they know you care and the referrals start rolling in as long as you are consistently delivering.

By adopting these five skill strategies, you can expect to become the master of your business controlling what happens to the outcome.


Cindy Bishop is a veteran real estate Broker and Coach



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