Want a Thriving Real Estate Business that can stand
the test of time? 


Building a Successful Real Estate Business
 starts with Good Coaching

Hi! I'm Cindy Bishop. I spent many years as an active agent and struggled trying to figure out the secrets to building a consistent real estate business.  I tool advantage of all the education, training, and coaching opportunities I could find.  I quickly realized that the cookie cutter approaches were too generic, didn't necessarily apply to my business, and none of them actually focused on building a sustainable business. They all touted the same thing-Lots of Leads for Lots of Money! And, yes, without leads there will be no income, but that is the easy part and only one piece of the success puzzle.

I wanted to have a successful business that will be able to grow with me and to still have time with my family. To do that, I knew I had to sift through all the information available to find the meaningful nuggets in order to leverage the experience and knowledge of those around me and to learn how to run a business to achieve a sustainable 6 figure income. As a real estate agent, I was an independent contractor and therefore an independent business owner. I was accountable to myself. I couldn't blame my spouse, the Broker, my neighbors, or the mailman if I wasn't successful. To make matters worse, I knew I had one year to figure out my new business and replace the government contracting income I left.

During that time, I made a lot of friends and wanted all of them to be successful in real estate. Unfortunately, the coaching programs had not changed...they still just focused on leads. So, I decided to fix that by creating a school around a comprehensive system leveraging my years and experience, as well as the years and experience of partner experts specializing in technology and marketing systems and services. A system designed to eliminate the noise and help real estate agents build a truly successful real estate business quickly. I also author real state topic skill building books, coaching agents to success using my formula's, and fun a successful real estate school providing the kind of valuable quality educational training and business building agents deserve.

Real Estate started in 1987 for me. I looked like an infant at 27 so no one was taking me seriously. It was time to get smart and succeed!

Sold 10 homes my first year, 15 the 2nd year, and it kept growing. In the 3rd year, thanks to my business plan and foundation I worked so hard to create, I achieved that 6 figure I wanted and did so consistently for the next 20 years. 

Now, I author real estate topic skill building books, coach agents to success using my formula's, and run a successful real estate school providing the kind of valuable quality educational training agents deserve.

Our Coaching is designed to help those:

  • Looking for a unique one of a kind truly comprehensive real estate business building program 
  • Looking for concrete guidance on business setup , business building, & marketing
  • Looking for accountability as well as selecting and organizing your activities with a plan 
  • Looking for technology system training, on-line business marketing, & social media training 
  • Looking for the necessary skills training for personalizing, focusing, growing,  & scaling a real estate business 

The right care, the right guidance, and the right program makes an enormous difference.

You'll get..

  • Unlimited Coaching Calls that will balance schedules, set relevant goals, establish priorities  
  • Access to our Power-Packed "Agent Education Center" 24/7 support center 
  • One On One Laser Focused Power Calls with Relevant Homework to reach relevant goals.
  • Unlimited Email to assist between calls to get goal tasks accomplished more easily for improved results.
  • One, two, or three specific business building coaches depending on your plan.

An Inman survey on real estate coaching found that the vast majority of agents working with coaches see a return on investment. Close to 9 out of 10 respondents said their coach contributed to their number of listings, while 8 out of 10 said coaching increased their buyer client count.

Does the day, week, and year get away from you 
without the results you are looking for?

This is real. This is not magic. Getting skilled help to get the results
 you want is productive and will make it easier. 

don't you want to live a lifestyle that is full of satisfaction and direction?

Sheli Schneider, Agent

"The Private Coaching Program with Cindy Bishop is invaluable, highly personal and focus driven!!! Cindy provides accountability which is the main ingredient in achieving success. She helped me with Time Management and Business Planning by teaching me not only how to set goals but provided the accountability to achieve these goals.

 I learned how to focus on the high payoff activities for my business and delegate the smaller tasks in order to be most effective with my time. She helped me develop a long term Business Plan, break it down into small steps and execute specific actions in order to achieve my goals.

But by far the best part of coaching with Cindy was that she helped me find my Niche. She encouraged me to get my “Staging Certification” in order to be more competitive in the market. This has been my greatest marketing tool so far and has helped me not only sell properties much quicker, but acquire more listings. Cindy has helped me put all of these aspects into one Brand so that I can market myself and continue to grow my business.

I highly recommend the Private Coaching Program from Cindy Bishop!"  

Sheli Schneider

Success is certainly possible for you too—if you know what to do and how to do it…

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential.”

Bob Nardelli

Results Show Our Real Estate Coaching Can Help You Build a Thriving Sales Funnel with Consistent Income

"I found out what not to do, but discovered what worked for me and ran with it. As a top producer for over 15 years, I understand how to fix and refine strategies quickly working more effectively in your strength sets." Cindy Bishop

So, what do you need to start today?

In this economic environment where people want and need to get the most out of their dollars, we know our program options can offer you the most bang for your buck with Stellar Quality Tools!

With the Cindy Bishop Worldwide Laser Coaching and companion Agent Education Center, You Will Get...

Unlimited Coaching Calls

Unlimited Emails

24/7 Agent Education Center

What have you learned so far?

Coaching is the Solution...

Coaching empowers you and encourages responsibility. This happens because you have someone to be
accountable to.

Coaching helps identify your individual strengths to create a strategy better suited for you personally.

A good coach is intuitive and can see the blind spots you may have even when you can't see it yourself.

Have you ever heard the saying... 'The details are in the weeds?' Well, that is often where a coach will see the problem areas holding you back and will fix it with accountability.

Building purpose driven goals will keep you focused, increase your production, and finally, help you

build a sustainable business.

Stop Worrying about the Weeds

A good coach cares more about your goals than you do! They are willing to listen, and notice if you are not showing up and putting in the effort that you know you need to. Sometimes, we need to be told to get our butt in gear! A coach can do that for you. Maybe more importantly, a good coach can see your benefits, value, and strengths and will help you craft the right plan to reach your goals and succeed.

How The Next 90 Days Can Change Your Life

Here it is: Laser Coaching

This program is for the real estate agents who want to reach their full potential,
who feel they should be able to secure more market share,
and who feel like too much of their time is not focused and out of their control.

This program is not a “silver bullet” program that will eliminate the challenges we all face in life. 
However, It will help you develop the confidence you need to succeed by knowing what to do
 and the skills to get there.
And it will keep you focused on those things that will deliver the results you really want from your real estate business AND your life.

Here is how Laser Coaching Works

1. Your Start Up

You Sign Up and then Set Up.

We begin your journey with a Initial phone session to discover what challenges, expectations, and  goals  you have for your real estate business and then get to work with a plan.  
We then agree on tasks you need to complete creating an achievement plan to prepare for your first coaching session.
You will also get access to the Agent Education Center which has 100's of hours of relevant training and daily support in this 24/7 real estate specific learning platform plus all of the recorded coaching calls.

2. One Topic Unlimited Coaching Calls

These are One Topic Unlimited Calls designed to identify goals, overcome obstacles, and create your achievement plan regardless of the Laser Program that is right for you.
You can schedule subsequent calls once you let us know your tasks are complete so we can schedule your next call.

3. Resources

Every coaching call produces a record of your planned tasks so you always know what to do.
We send you via email any support tools to aide in your achievement plan.

Your coaching includes unlimited Email Support as well.

What Coaching Members Say
About Our Coaching


"Cindy has a passion to help the real estate agents and that's what I like about her. 
Her ideas are great! I highly recommend her coaching program."

Seti Tabatabai
- Realtor, NVAR Top Producer, GRI, ABR, BPOR, CDPE

"I strongly recommend Cindy Bishop and her coaching program. I’ve used both the one on one coaching as well as laser coaching. Both are exceptional. Cindy herself was a very successful real estate agent. So she brings real life into her coaching, sharing what she has tried and what has worked and more importantly what hasn't worked. Her laser coaching is such an amazing deal from both a quality and quantity standpoint. Cindy goes out of her way to make herself as available to you as needed—a true testament to her own time management skills. I don't see why every agent isn't taking advantage of it. Her coaching has kept me focused and more importantly accountable which is why I think it has worked so well for me."

Susan Mekenney
- Associate Broker, NVAR Top Producer, RE/MAX Executives
Susan Mekenney
Carrie real estate agent

"I’ve only been coaching with Cindy for a few months but already I find that she gives me good nuggets and much needed accountability. I was part of another coaching network for several years – and while I learned a lot – I always felt I didn’t fit it. Cindy has a way of tailoring her coaching program to your lifestyle and business. I have 5 kids – so I need someone who can help me structure my business successes around my family. Cindy is patient, she’s fun and can be a little tough but I for one need that."

Carrie Shokraei. Top Producer 
- Associate Broker, NVAR Top Producer


Bonus #1 - 

Conflict ebook

Real Estate Agent Guide

Bonus #2 -


Real Estate Agent Guide

Bonus #3 -

active listening

Real Estate Agent Guide

Bonus #4 -


Real Estate Agent Guide

Bonus #5 -

body language

Real Estate Agent Guide

Bonus #6 -


Real Estate Agent Guide

Need to know more?
You will Get...

  • Over 100 hours of power-packed information…covering many aspects of creating and running a unique and catchy real estate business!
  • Detailed How to's…10 Step Success Plan, Social Media, Follow up, Accountability, Lead Generation, Conversion, Google Business Build, Internet Profile Descriptions, Event Planning, Technology, and more.
  • Downloadable forms…that you can copy and use to improve your contact conversion numbers, time management, goal setting, life skills, video scripting, tracking, and planning.
  • Unlimited One On One Power Calls with Relevant Accountability Homework

It really works for others...It will work for you!

Alex Escobar

"Cindy's is super serious about providing valuable education experiences for real estate agents.   Her program isn't easy and she holds you accountable to make progress. It's very helpful!"

Alex Escobar
- Licensed Agent

“Pick the right kinds of testimonials to show here..."

“Cindy Bishop and her coaches are very upbeat, caring, and knowledgeable in helping you in your Real Estate business."

Brenda Berryman
- Licensed Agent
Brenda Berryman
Cindy Bishop real estate coach
Cindy Bishop

Sales Performance Coach

About the Author

Cindy Bishop is a 30-year real estate veteran. Over the years, she has been a top producing agent, owned her own brokerage,  and built a thriving real estate business. Like many of you, she performed real estate sales in the trenches holding open houses, knocking on doors, and built a strong database.
In 2010, Cindy began her journey as a real estate coach, educator, and freelance speaker. Recognizing a need for improved agent education and business development training, she took her personal motto “Know and Grow” and applied it to a coaching program that gives agents the knowledge and tools they need to build a successful business they can be proud of.
Since then she has hosted more than 1600 seminars, more than 950 workshops, numerous monthly training events, and received over 2500 positive recommendations. Her real success, however, is measured in the success of the agents she coaches and trains. Cindy is also a published author and many of her books and blog posts can be found on this site.
Accountability and Sales Performance Coach. 

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If during our first 30-minute coaching session, either of us feels the sessions are not a good fit, your money will be returned immediately, and the coaching terminated. No Risk!

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