Sales Performance Planning that works…Winning Secrets to a 6-figure income

Sales Performance Strategies that work with planning to create a 6 figure income.
This incredible program provides participants with the practical skills necessary to integrate and implement Sales Performance strategies to improve their real estate sales goals consistently this year and beyond.

This isn’t like anything you have seen before. This is proprietary training created, developed, and implemented by the founder of Cindy Bishop Worldwide who had a consistently successful real estate business using these Sales Performance techniques.

This isn’t a one size fits all training.
This is a solution for every motivated real estate professional that wants to find a system that works for them.
Cindy’s sensible approach to real estate sales will be refreshing to anyone that prefers relationships over technology.

Topics covered in this Presentation:
1. Goals: Proprietary formula for goals and contact number management.
2. Lead Generation: Vital components for consistency.
3. Building Lasting Business: Enduring Relationships
4. Time Management: Know what to do and when plus procrastination elimination tools.
5. Presentation Skills: Improve lead conversion with this skill
6. Performance Analysis to build your business deep.

Programs Available:
Seminar 2 hours
Workshop 3-5 hours

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