Achieving success in your real estate business this year with be greatly assisted with well planned social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing needs to be at the top of anyone’s list.
Like it or not, this is where your customer’s are spending much of their time ( – 118 minutes a day according to   In a blog ( ) that was born out of a Twitter chat ( – #AdobeChat) this discussion hit some excellent points that I want to share with our audience of real estate professionals.

Our most personal and effective communication is in person (of course), but social media has given us a voice in a personal and conversational way across a large expanse of audience, in real time when we can’t be in front of them.  This is the power of social media and social media marketing – communicating in a real authentic way to large groups of our customers, potential customers, and referral agents across the World Wide Web!

Q1: What are the roles of social media for brands today?

A1:         “Social media is the glue connecting brands with their customers.” @Lexi_Monaghan

“The role of social media for brands today is to allow for open, honest back and forth conversation with consumers and fans.” @BillAicher

“Connect and engage with customers. Also collect feedback, to an extent provide service.” @_ManuMalhotra

So social media marketing enhances the customer experience with a brand – as it creates awareness around products, services, the mission of a brand, and the personality of a brand. The strategy should be reflective of the brand’s goals.

Q2: How can brands break through the noise of social media and be heard?

A2:         “There’s a lot that goes into breaking through – frequency, velocity, authenticity, content, paid social. Seems all are required.” @MatthewAYoung

“…be GENUINE.” @allthesocial

“Have a human voice . . . but also be sure your content adds value to your audience.” @AmandaCozz

“Be Authentic, create compelling content, and engage in conversation.” @GoDavidMo

“A couple of ways: only focus on a few platforms (don’t be everywhere) create campaign-specific hashtags, & be visual!” @BrowerKDnB

Q3: What social platform is the most relevant for brands right now? Why?

A3:         “Depends on (your) brand & (the) social channels (your) customers use. Why? No brand has the same social profile. Be where your users are.” @ToddSchauman

The key to determining this is to test – test – test! If you are not measuring the performance of what you share, then you have no way of knowing where your ideal audience is “hanging out “ on social media but you won’t know what will inspire them to engage with you on-line.

There is much more that can be gleaned from this great Twitter chat – but the greatest take-away’ s from it were that your success is largely determined by how authentic and compelling you are with delivering a great message.  What better way to separate yourself from the noise on social media? This is simple – but it is not easy.  It still requires thought, creativity, and effective listening skills.  Too many agents are not fully taking advantage of what is offered in branding themselves and their own unique message on social media platforms. But today is the day, this is the year, and now is the time! Go Forth and be social!


About the Author:

David Redabaugh is the founder of a digital marketing company, where businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs are able to have solutions custom created for impact and authenticity with their brand online. His job is showing, helping, and training his clients to market effectively on-line.

As a trainer for Cindy Bishop Worldwide, LLC, he has been able to form a niche working with real estate professionals to create the strategies for their internet marketing that deliver results and create meaningful client and referral relationships. Dave brings extensive training experience from his corporate marketing and advertising experiences to guide his clients through the processes that help them create and maintain impactful social media and website strategies.


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