Top 6 Tips for Becoming a Master at Following Up

In other works, Following up is a crucial ingredient for success building.

Growing and  maintaining relationships through effective networking takes time and effort. While meeting new people is just the beginning, mastering the art of follow-up can significantly enhance your professional network and lead generation.

Here are six top tips to help you become a master at following up:

1. Follow Up Immediately

New contacts often meet numerous people at networking events. As soon as you can, send a follow-up email or text to avoid the break in communication. Express your pleasure in meeting them and consider including a personalized offer, such as an article related to a topic they showed interest in.
Remember this…The fortune is in the Follow up!

2. Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a key platform for professional networking. Personalize your connection request by mentioning where you met and any common interests. LinkedIn will also notify you of their professional milestones, providing further opportunities to engage. In other words, find a way to engage by knowing as much as possible about your connection.

3. Stay Organized

Avoid letting new business cards pile up on your desk. Use a quality CRM, like Realty Juggler, to categorize and track your contacts. Schedule regular times to follow up and touch base with your connections. Midweek is generally the best time for these interactions.

4. Create Opportunities

Invite your contacts to events and gatherings. As a real estate agent, you can host open houses, professional events, or social activities. Recommend your contacts to each other when appropriate, creating a mutually beneficial network.

5. Don’t Overdo It

Respect your contacts’ time and boundaries. If they haven’t responded or have declined invitations, give them space. In other words, allow a reasonable amount of time before sending a follow-up. To clarify, sharing valuable content, such as a newsletter or relevant material as a follow up, can keep you on their radar without being overly pushy.

6. Be Polite and Respectful

Always maintain professionalism in your follow-ups. Avoid sending passive-aggressive messages or pushing for immediate responses. Remember, your urgency is not their priority. Politeness and patience can prevent burning bridges with potential contacts.

Additional Insight from Industry Expert

Grant Cardone is an  International Sales Expert and wrote a great article that real estate agents should read on the “4 Rules of Engagement That Wildly increase your odds of closing the deal”. He feels that follow up is the Holy Grail of sales.

About the Author

Cindy Bishop is a distinguished real estate professional and the founder of a prestigious real estate education school in Virginia. With decades of experience as a sales performance coach, Cindy has a proven track record of transforming real estate sales through effective communication and soft skills development. Starting her career with traditional methods like door knocking and open houses, she quickly became a top-producing agent. Today, Cindy empowers others to achieve their full potential in the competitive world of real estate sales through her educational initiatives.

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