Video: Tips for Looking and Sounding your Best

TIPS FOR LOOKING AND SOUNDING YOUR BEST ON CAMERA...When you are shooting marketing video or on a virtual meeting. Demystifying charisma and good video technique with lots of practical ideas to immediately implement when using our phones or computers: WHAT WE WILL COVER: • Outlining the best advice and inspiration for putting your best self on camera. • Simple tips that cost $0 (or at least very little). • Lighting, •Sound, •Attitude, •Preparation, • Technology. Dave Redabaugh is Cindy Bishop Worldwide's Internet Marketing Coach. Aside from our coaching members who get hundreds of quality hours of instruction our coaching Agent Education Center, you can find quality training's by Dave on the blog at Cindy Bishop Worldwide is an education company specifically dedicated to helping real estate agents know and grow. We provide quality continuing education in Virginia and business building and coaching nationwide.

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