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Sheli S. says: “I love the way she teaches.  In order to get to the next level, you need a mentor, someone that’s where you want to be.  For me that’s Cindy.  She thinks outside-of-the-box and has so much knowledge.   In 2 1/2 months she’s helped me grow my contact list from a handful of investors to over 80 active contacts.   She has really helped me brand myself to create a niche so that I can focus on what I’m good at.”


Sheli Schneider

Sheli Schneider

Real Estate Agent

Joseph K. says:  “Other coaching programs are not necessarily so tailored and may not be looking out for the best interest of their clients.  Cindy is very ethical and wants to make sure that I succeed.  She is helping me hone down my sales skills and find out who I am so that I can find people who are like me and connect with them.  That makes the business more meaningful and fun.  I really love her, she’s very special to me.” 


Joseph Kraft

Real Estate Broker

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