Winning Listening Tactics for Real Estate Agents

Listening. Let’s face it. People stink at listening.
Using smart devices, having our attention diverted, wearing masks and staying at home…It’s even worse today to listen!

I see people wrapped up in their own little worlds, they don’t take the time to listen. Today, doing the best you can to notice other people with appropriate listening is crucial.
This “soft skill” is more important than ever if you are going to be the master of your own real estate business. Learn how to get others to listen while improving yourself to be a Master Listener.
Studies show that most of us only retain about 50% of what we hear in the first 10 minutes after hearing it. Then, we forget another 25% over the next 48 hours! Ouch!

How can I succeed if  I don’t have good Listening Skills?

If your real estate business is dependent on being a good listener, and most businesses are, then you have to make the effort to get rocking good at it. Quality listening will take a while to master, but increase your income and improve a consistent client following for you. Then,  isn’t it worth working a bit on this skill?
Tip #2 in the report will illustrate how to Pay attention to your body language. When you send a signal that you are closed, they won’t listen to what you have to say.They will sense that you are not optimizing your communication protocol and will shut themselves down as well.

The report offered is a short read ( and definitely a take-a-long report) with 6 Solid Tips to follow as well as suggested Action steps and books
to read written by Cindy Bishop. More Guidebooks to Investigate   

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