The “Write” and Wrong of It

What not to do when it comes to the writing you use for your business


People who seek knowledge often find it by reading. Today, with a quick web search, you can instantly have almost endless information at your fingertips. Since there’s so much data available, it’s important to make sure your company’s content stands out in a good way.

Businesses rely on effective communication to deliver their message to consumers. This communication can be in many forms, but almost all of them involve writing. Even when you listen to someone speaking on a video, that person most likely has something written to guide them. says “good writing is fundamentally good thinking that follows a logical path and is easy for someone to follow.”


The writing that a business uses in its marketing carries a lot of responsibility. In addition to the value of the information and the quality of the writing structure, good writing also needs to have an emotional impact. Especially since consumers often make decisions based on their feelings. If writing is successful, it will check all of these boxes.


It will also avoid the following pitfalls:

Plagiarizing – Just don’t do it. This is a major no-no. If you do reference a sentence or two from another source, then make sure to give credit where credit is due. Include the source of your information within your writing, and if it is word for word make sure to put it in quotations.

Rambling – When you write, make sure it’s organized and concise. Avoid overly wordy, run-on sentences. Make it a rule to say each thing once and not just rehash the same information. Keep it simple.

Not Knowing Your Audience – A good writer will do good research. Know your target audience and direct your writing towards them. Use tools to find popular keywords. Tools like KWFinder and help you find the best keywords for your content and let you try it out for free first, while offers a free keyword tool.

Using Bad Grammar and Spelling – It is important to follow the basic rules of writing. Use correct grammar and spelling in your work. If your writing is full of these types of mistakes you instantly lose credibility. Utilize the spell check and grammar check tools within your writing program or web tools, like

Conflicting Voice – Just like people, companies have a personality. When you write, make sure your “voice” matches this personality and strengthens the company’s brand. For example, if the company trends towards the more serious side, avoid using a lot of jokes. If the company strives for a more lighter, fun image, then you could use a more relaxed style.

Not Looking Before You Leap – In writing terms, proof before you publish. When you complete a piece, check it, proof it and reread it. Step away from it for a bit and then proof it one more time. If you neglect this important task, it will dramatically increase the likelihood of shoddy work.

These pitfalls sum up some of the more common mistakes to avoid when it comes to writing. Overall, when you write start with a plan. Organized thoughts equal organized writing.

For more tips on how to write effective content for your business and attract more customers, check out our other blogs. Also, be sure to check out all of the other valuable resources and tools available at, so you can continue to grow your business.

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